We believe that there are two key elements that help us achieve our goal: our people-driven, trustful, and high-performance business culture; and our five main company values, which inspire all of our conversations, actions and decisions.

We are Contributors

Freedom, responsibility & self-leadership. It is our responsibility to achieve our goals and create an impact in the company with our tasks and deliveries. For this reason, we can decide where and how to work. We do not think about doing things, we think about achieving things. We should all be proud of everything we do and what we obtain with it.

We are Team Players

Nothing at Streamloots is someone else’s problem. We are not only responsible for our own impact, but also for the impact of our whole team. We admire our colleagues and enjoy and acknowledge their success. We reach agreements to deliver the best result for the company over our individual interest. We have useful and honest conversations with other members of our team to encourage them to accomplish their goals. As a summary, we believe in collaboration between teams, hierarchies, and roles since we are all part of the same team.

We are Learners

Firstly, we think about which actions depend on us to better define the focus on what can we do. We enjoy having responsibilities, we ask proactively for feedback, and we do not take the latter in a personal manner, as we consider it as an opportunity to grow. We are the owners of our own positive attitude, independently of what happens around us. We strive to shine, and not with the objective of overshadowing others, but to make them shine as well. We think learning is an attitude and a never-ending process.

We are Diverse

We believe diversity —from gender to race, work history and life experiences— is the value that leads to better ideas and results. We view differences as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve our perspectives.

We take humor seriously

We use humor as a means to create good vibes and bonds between us. Memes play an important role in our everyday language, since we believe an image is worth more than a thousand words. However, we are always respectful to each other —that is the most important rule.


Trust and mutual respect

  • As part of the team, we all learn to trust and respect others.
  • We trust each other so much that everyone feels comfortable enough to show vulnerability in front of the rest of the team. 

Open communication

  • No one is afraid of expressing their ideas and thoughts. We are all open and eager to listen to others’ opinions. 
  • Positive discussions lead to better decision-making. 

Effective working procedures

  • Every team member is extremely resourceful and capable of finding solutions to any hindrance they may encounter.
  • Leaders work hard to offer their teams more resources.
  • We do not aim for "good" results, we strive for excellence. Consequently, we always encourage the use of creativity and entrepreneurship to find the best way to reach a target.

Building our strength on our differences

  • We view our differences as tools that allow us to improve ourselves. 

Flexibility and adaptability

  • We adapt quickly to changes, and we are not afraid of uncertainty.
  • We always design and follow a clear path to the best solution, but we do not mind changing some steps along the way if it is needed.

Continuous learning

  • Our appetite for discoveries and newly acquired knowledge is insatiable. We are eager to learn anything that might help us improve our work.
  • Feedback does not intimidate us —we always accept it positively. 

Shared Leadership

  • Leaders always ask their team members for ideas and suggestions. They value their team’s insights greatly and they are never autocratic.
  • In general, leaders always try to reach a consensus with their teams when making decisions or when discussing topics. 
  • Every individual  leads their own contribution to the company.
  • Regardless of the position that an individual may have throughout a discussion, when the team reaches an agreement, they will commit 100% to it. .

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