People Specialist (Remote) Develop a High Performance Culture and Hire Talented People Worldwide

Your mission is to help Sstreamloots to scale a high performance culture and teams by bringing new talented people & promoting a great environment of Psychological Safety and Professional Development

 Develop a High Performance Culture and Hire Talented People Worldwide

Your mission is to help Streamloots to scale a high performance culture and teams by bringing new talented people & promoting a great environment of Psychological Safety and Personal & Professional Development Worldwide. 

You will have the possibility to work 100% remote, working in an international and fast-growth start-up where all the team members want to have a positive impact helping the creators to turn their passions into livelihoods. 

Please, check here our mission statement and values which are two fundamental components of our culture and daily routine. 

In this position, you will be able to have an amazing contribution and impact in different areas: 

As Talent Acquisition Specialist

  • Promote the Employer Branding: All the amazing things we are doing as a company with our team mates are incredible magnets to invite new people to come to our company and work with us. You will be able to define and lead new initiatives pursuing those goals. 
  • Ensuring the onboardings on the soft side: Onboardings are one of the most success-factors of the new hirnings, you will be able to help the people to have great onboardings experience that define their success in the company. 
  • Lead Recruiting Process: From the business needs and job definitions to the hiring and onboarding process ensuring a great candidate experience and that the people we bring to the company are aligned with the needs of the team and the values of the company. 

As People Specialist

  • An ally of management: You will be close to some managers in order to help them to evolve their abilities and will help their teams to grow having great conversations which help them to become the best they can be. 
  • Promoter of High Performance Culture and 1:1s: You will promote our management model and will help the teams to solve challenges related with relationship management, and help the teams to decide how to improve every quarter. 
  • To lead culture actions: With the rest of the people team you will lead some culture actions that will impact the rest of the team in their wellness and alignment. 

As a Payroll Specialist

  • World-Wide Payroll: You will be responsible for creating and ensuring our policies of hiring worldwide with the rest of the people team and operations. We will have a company in the USA and EUROPE and we need to have clarity about how to manage those situations. For sure you will have some assessments to manage these points. Also you have to work on the perks package.

Long story, short: How will be your first days in Streamloots?

First month: For the first few weeks, we will make sure you know your impact on the team and the business, and you will learn everything there is to know about the team, the business and our processes. You will put your focus on understanding the product and the user, that is a key success factor. As well you will be trained deeply in the management model, structures, development strategies, etc. Please note that remote onboarding due to COVID-19 is not an issue.

First Quarter: Little by little, you will begin to have one to ones with the rest of the people team and the Interim Head of People, who will oversee your professional and personal advancement. Furthermore, you will participate in the meetings and processes that you will lead later. You will not be expected to lead from the very beginning, since we understand that you will have to take some time first to adapt yourself to the team and the processes to lead them. After this process, you will become a role model who will inspire the rest of the team in their development, and will help different Squads to Impact on the Company OKRs. 

To the moon: Streamloots will challenge you to grow in your impact on the company, as you will do with the teams, we will work to help you enjoy yourself at work. Similarly, as you will do with the teams, we will work to help you enjoy yourself at work. We expect you to train and share your knowledge with others and change streamers' lives! :D

You’ll be successful in your mission if: 

Key experiences & abilities: 

  • A "People-Gamer" mindset. We expect you to become a great collaborator, empathetic, a master disambiguator/simplifier, constantly pushing toward clarity.
  • Native or fluent in English. Lately, more native English people have joined our company in its various areas. Therefore, we are looking for someone who is native English or very fluent in the language. Additionally, it would be helpful if you also knew Spanish
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills and ability to deal with complexity. Proactivity and Self-Leadership are becoming key essential words in our conversations every day.
  • +3 years of experience as a People Specialist It is important you can learn, understand and develop great practices aligned with our people and business challenges. 
  • +3 years of experience as a Talent Acquisition. You will lead from scratch many processes and you will need to have a great understanding of how those situations should be managed properly. 
  • +1 years of experience in payroll: If you have been involved in projects of payroll in Spain, Europe or USA will be helpful to face those challenges. 

Nice to have experiences & abilities: 

  • +2 years of experience leading teams or projects in the startup environment, we are going to face great challenges that will demand a lot of us and we are looking for someone that walks the talk with a clear leadership mindset and organizational abilities. Interested in agile values and principles.
  • Knowledge and experience in product OKRs. You will be important in the definition of OKRs for this reason, if you have previous experience and passion for this kind of methods will be an extra point. 

What we offer: 

Open-remote company: This means that team members can work from wherever they want. Therefore, you will be able to choose if you want to work in the office or not. Moreover, it also means that all processes need to be thought of as if we had no office and everyone was working remotely. No one should feel like an outsider since all conversations will happen through Slack or Zoom/Hangouts. 

The quarter meetups: Once every quarter (once COVID-19 allows it), we will all gather in Valencia to work together. We will try to make it happen during the week when company and team OKRs are defined. 

Revolutionize an industry with tech and data-oriented solutions. We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue by interacting with their fans via Streamloots. We are funded by leading global tech investors, including Bessemer.

Competitive salary and stock option plan. We are working to align our budgets with the market, and we believe that our salary packages are extremely competitive.


Or, know someone who would be a perfect fit? Let them know!


  • 🕓 Flexible hours

  • 💸 A competitive salary package

  • 👩‍🎓 Training

  • 🍓 Healthy snacks

  • ✈️ Opportunities for personal growth and learning

  • 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Open-remote Work

  • 🎮 An incredible office and cool environment

  • 🌍 Global experience


We believe that there are two key elements that help us achieve our goal: our people-driven, trustful, and high-performance business culture; and our five main company values, which inspire all of our conversations, actions and decisions.

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