Contribute to the creation of a new form of entrepreneurship. Help content creators make a living by doing what they love


Streamloots’ mission is to help creators monetize their audience and skills.

Born from a simple idea of viewers interacting with their favorite streamers, Streamloots’ ambition is to create new ways of entrepreneurship by helping creators become small individual corporations and change the way we will envision a "job" in the future.

To accomplish our mission, we started focusing on live-streaming gaming creators. We turn interactions with the creators into a product that they can sell: from making the creator play blindfolded or choosing the character they are going to play, to making the influencer send the viewer a dedicated video or dressing up as a superhero!

We started two years ago, and now, over 50,000 streamers in more than twenty different countries have increased their revenue by interacting with their fans through our platform. We are funded by leading global tech investors, including Bessemer.

At Streamloots we are looking for dreamers who are also relentless workers.


We believe that there are two key elements that help us achieve our goal: our people-driven, trustful, and high-performance business culture; and our five main company values, which inspire all of our conversations, actions and decisions.


Always should be a way to create good vibes. We create bounds between each other through humor. Memes are our language. RESPECT is the first rule. An image worth a thousand words.

Firstly, we think about which actions depend on us to better define the focus on what can we do. We enjoy having responsibilities, we ask proactively for feedback, and we do not take the latter in a personal manner, as we consider it as an opportunity to grow.

We believe diversity —from gender to race, work history and life experiences— is the value that leads to better ideas and results. We view differences as opportunities to learn, grow, and improve our perspectives.

Nothing at Streamloots is someone else’s problem. We are not only responsible for our own impact, but also for the impact of our whole team. We admire our colleagues and enjoy and acknowledge their success.

Freedom, responsibility & self-leadership. It is our responsibility to achieve our goals and create an impact in the company with our tasks and deliveries. For this reason, we can decide where and how to work


We do not take feedback and opinions personally, but as an opportunity to grow

At Streamloots you will receive both positive and negative feedback. We will give you negative feedback in an assertive manner, and we will transform it into something positive, offering you alternatives that allow both you and us to improve.

 Positive feedback will be delivered whenever it is observed that you are doing a good job. You will receive feedback both from your colleagues and the whole company.

Furthermore, feedback is bidirectional too. We offer tools and resources to our employees where they can find information about the standards of conduct that they should expect from their managers and team.

We are all on the same boat

We all care about our colleagues and try to give them a hand. Our people are always willing to contribute.

Nothing at Streamloots is someone else’s problem, we deal with every situation as a team.

Our team members never avoid their responsibilities. Everyone is always willing to help you and push you towards accomplishing any the targets set by the team. 

If you have an issue, you can always ask the team for their opinion on how to solve it. This will help you to define and create your own (sustainable) solution, while still owning the responsibility of the problem.

We take humor seriously

Jokes and memes are part of our everyday language. They help us create important bonds of friendship and trust. The bigger and stronger these bonds are, the more comfortable people are about showing their vulnerabilities, and this helps them to be happier and to grow within the company.

In general, everyone at Streamloots is a little bit crazy in their own special way, but we are all lovely and kind to each other.

Almost all of us enjoy playing video games and live-streaming, and we understand the gaming industry and culture. Of course, there are always people who join us who do not share these interests. Nevertheless, over time they tend to develop an interest for these topics and want to become involved with this culture and community.

Your growth has an impact on the company’s growth

We want to enhance your natural skills and qualities. 

Thanks to the funding rounds that we receive, becoming an employee at Streamloots will help you impulse your career quickly and find an enormous amount of new opportunities.

Our target is to make you grow horizontally and vertically, so that you can acquire more responsibility in your position, coordinate teams and shift into new roles.

Please check our FAQs to find out more about growth.

We envision every challenge as an opportunity to grow

We always try new things and look for new tools when we look for solutions to an issue.

We share everything at Streamloots, and all our actions are super transparent and simple.

Everyone will help you, send you links, and share their experiences with you. We also create chats and posts where we comment on different ways of carrying out a task. 

Furthermore, we also share all the information related to the research we do on our users, data analysis, support issues; and we have a monthly budget assigned to each employee so that they can try the product and interact with the streamers.

When we encounter an obstacle, we never think of it as “Oh, I have an issue”. Instead, we prefer to ask ourselves "What can I learn from this situation?".

Freedom to speak up, act and impact

At Streamloots you will always be given the chance to express your ideas, as crazy as they might be. We will listen, evaluate, and give you feedback on them. 

You will be able to design solutions for every challenge from scratch, carry them out, and observe the results, either with the turnover or directly upon users’ experience with the product.

Not only you will have the opportunity to have an impact, but you will be expected to do so.


Open-remote and flexible schedule

Streamloots is an “open-remote company”. That means that you can work from wherever you want, whether it is in the office or not. Our main office is in Valencia, and we also have a co-working space in San Mateo (California).

We allow our workers to organize their working schedule so that they can take advantage of their most productive hours and adapt their job to their lifestyle.


Once every quarter (when COVID-19 allows it), we all gather in Valencia for a week to work together.


  • 👨‍💻👩‍💻 Remote Work

  • 🕓 Flexible hours

  • 💸 A competitive salary package

  • 🏥 Healthcare Plan

  • 📚 Book Club, all you can read

  • 👩‍🎓 Training

  • ✈️ Opportunities for personal growth and learning

  • 🎮 Cool environment

  • 🌍 Global experience


We are all involved in the company’s day-to-day routine, and we are always updated on what is going on. This allows you to increase your contribution and input. During the weekly meetings, strategy is explained, and all plans are shared with the employees.

Beatriz Bellmunt Product Marketing

Here you can grow at the same rhythm as the company. The fast pace at which teams grow allows you to evolve quickly within a few months. In a regular company, it would take years for you to achieve that.

Jose Miguel González CPO

The fact that three of the four founders are in the tech team, together with the transparency of our relationships (which are based on a flat and horizontal structure), makes it more difficult for the bonds between us to erode.

Víctor Campuzano Growth Hacker

In many companies you are tricked to believe you can organize your working hours, but then you are forced to work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. In our company, that does not happen. I go to the gym from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., and it has never been an issue. There is only one commitment: everyone must attend the daily meeting; but these do not take place at a fixed time either. When it comes to organizing your day, you have full freedom.

David Marín Back-end Developer


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